A revolutionary way to shop for the perfect dress with no obligation to buy!

So yes, it's literally a box!  I know, I know, you're humming the tune from SNL right now aren't you?  There's no correlation, we promise!  Anyhoo....we thought with us in Ohio and you where you are....which clearly isn't do we connect?!  When you first start shopping for a wedding gown there's always numerous favorites.  We totally understand.  With LUXE IN A BOX, we take the fear out of choosing just one.  I mean, eventually you have to, but buying a wedding dress online comes with some pressure.  Due to the delicate nature of the gowns and the fact that they ARE a final sale, this is the best way we can offer you a choice of at least 3 before you say YES! So here goes....STEP BY STEP...follow along with US!


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