Brooke & Mike's Unforgettable day

A Real Life LUXE Wedding 

Hello lovely people! We are so excited to announce our very first Real LUXE Wedding feature with all of you! The beautiful couple, Brooke & Mike, got married on October 3, 2017, in the ever so dreamy city of Tuscany, Italy (#Goals) and it was beyond magical! Have fun reminiscing with Brooke about some of her favorite memories, as well as a sneak peek into their special day!

DSC_4844 copy.jpg

Tell us a little about you & your hubby's love story!  

"Our story began in middle school when we were best friends. As we grew up and went through high school together, our friendship grew even stronger and we began to realize that we were not only best friends, but we were soul mates! We finally decided to make it official during our senior year of high school. Looking back, I think our family and friends knew we would marry each other before we even knew we were in love! From holding hands in the hallways at Fisher Catholic High School to growing old together, we feel so lucky to have a love that is deeply rooted in friendship (insert heart eyes emoji). I get to marry my high school sweetheart & best friend!"

How were you feeling on your big day? Any nerves?

"I was not as nervous as I thought I would be, truthfully I was just anxious! My bridal party made my day so unbelievably easy breezy. They celebrated with me the night before and gave me a book with letters and pictures. It was such a relief having the support I did because it made it much easier to enjoy the day!"

What are your favorite memories from your wedding day?

"My three favorite memories from our wedding were the speeches, the first dance with my father, and then seeing my husband's face when I came down the aisle! My dad and I have a very close relationship, which he chose the song & told the deejay to make it a surprise for me! I didn’t even know until the music started that the song was "Grown Men Don’t Cry" by Tim McGraw. Next, my husband was pouring tears and usually is very drawn back with his feelings… but before I even walked down the aisle he was crying and shaking and there was not a dry eye during the ceremony (what a sweet hubby you have)! Finally, all of our speeches were beyond amazing, they still give me chills! I cannot believe each & every single person spent the time they did thinking of all those details. It was so special to hear about our relationships and how they have grown throughout Mike and I's relationship as well."

Tell us about your experience at LUXE! How did you know which dress was THE one? Were there any bridal tears?

"My experience at LUXE was amazing! I actually went in with my maid of honor on a whim. They had so many various styles it was easy to get a feel for what I was looking for. It was my third time looking at a bridal boutique and it was the third dress I tried on! I truly didn't think it was something I would look good wearing, but it fit like a glove and they made the moment so special! The LUXE girls picked my earrings and veil, and my sister bought them as a surprise on the spot! They nailed it! I absolutely knew right away & I did not want to take it off. I felt sexier, more glamorous and confident than I had ever been. But yes, there were lots of tears. I still tear up as I am writing this thinking back to the day I found it!"

8X8A0267 copy.jpeg
8X8A0496 copy.jpeg

Any advice to other #FutureMrs out there?

"My advice is to make a plan and timeline! Make sure to start as early as possible and make a list of photos you absolutely want or need for the photographer, that way you won't forget! I think that being open to different styles of dresses is a huge plus when dress shopping (ding ding ding you are correct Brooke)! The girls know what they’re doing so try to trust the stylist to fit your body type. Make sure during the whole process to keep your favorite people by your side, they are your biggest support system during the planning process and dress searching."

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        "From holding hands in the hallways at Fisher Catholic High School to growing old together, we feel so lucky to have a love that is deeply rooted in friendship"

   "From holding hands in the hallways at Fisher Catholic High School to growing old together, we feel so lucky to have a love that is deeply rooted in friendship"

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Oh Brooke!! Thank you so much for being our very first, real LUXE wedding feature! You could not have looked more beautiful on your big day!! You & Mike are truly beaming with love and pure joy! We wish you many years of happiness & love as you guys start your new lives as husband & wife <3

xoxo, Chelsea



Brooke & Mike’s Team of Vendors:

Venue: Borgo Petrognano

Dress Designer: Hayley Paige

Bridal Salon: LUXEredux Bridal Boutique

Caterer: Guidi Lenci

Photographer: Lydia Ruth Photography + Guido Andreoni

Videographer: Alessandro Pardi


Bridesmaids Designer: Jenny Yoo, Saks Fifth Avenue & Hayley Paige Bridesmaids

Menswear: Calvin Klein 

Officiant: Scott Talmage 

Florist: Marta with Flowers Living

Jeweler: Henri Daussi

Hair Stylist: Bethany Acker

Cake: Guidi Lenci

Invitations: Minted 

Transportation: Mercedes 



Gushing over the sparkle queen herself: Hayley Paige!

We are borderline obsessed (ok, you caught us, VERY obsessed) with the designer of all things sparkly & flirty, Miss Hayley Paige! For anyone who hasn’t heard or seen some of the magical work that Hayley Paige has done in the bridal world, let us give you the scoop! Hayley Paige is known for her fun and whimsical style which mixes elegance with a sprinkle of sparkle! She mixes unique fabrics and patterns to create breathtaking masterpieces, time and time again. She first started her career as a young and eager fashion student with a vision to change the world (one throw of confetti at a time)! At the youthful age of 25 she was brought on as a head designer at JLM couture, and then in 2011 was funded for the launch of her Hayley Paige collection. Currently, Hayley is the head designer of multiple collections including: Hayley Paige, Blush by Hayley Paige, Jim Hjelm and Hayley Paige Occasions (yay for #bridetribes)!

Not only is she major #girlboss goals, she also really loves to interact with her fans and stay up to date on her social media pages. Hayley’s playfulness and exceptional attention to detail creates the perfect combination of high quality & uniqueness in her swoon-worthy designs. Although we could gush about Hayley Paige for hours, her work truly speaks for itself! Keep scrolling to see a few of our fav HP dresses that are currently hanging pretty in our boutiques! 

Coming Soon!

What's your favorite Hayley Paige dress? Comment below and let us know! 

XO, Chelsea 


1st time jitters?


Don’t have a specific style in mind? Not a problem!

Many #futuremrs aren’t 100% confident in the style, shape, & pretty details they want for THE dress when the search for their aisle-ready gown begins! But really, how could you? It is impossible for a bride-to-be to know if a dreamy, tulle ball gown will be the one to make them swoon, or if a lace fit n’ flare will bring all the happy tears to their eyes! Doing a little research and finding a bit of dress-inspo (helloooo Pinterest!) can help steer you in the right direction when beginning your bridal appointments!

 *Helpful Tip: Be sure to come into your first appointment with an open and honest mind! First, get a feel of a few different silhouettes in order to get a better understanding of what you like and what looks good on your body type. Once this is determined, let the fun details begin (lace, sparkle, tulle, horsehair - - or all of the above, #yougogirl)! 

Don’t know what undergarments to wear? No worries, we have the answers!

This is something that you may not think too much about when starting your dress shopping, but it’s important! Most gowns fit the best without a bra, but being comfortable during your appointment is incredibly important! Therefore, if you are more comfortable wearing a bra, we suggest that it’s strapless! The straps on a typical bra are a bit distracting when trying on your pretties & tend to get in the way. Keep in mind that if seeing low back details are important to you, going without a bra may be your jam! Of course, undies are a necessity for your bridal appointment, so make sure you wear a pair that you are comfortable with a consultant seeing!

*Helpful Tip: Wearing some type of spanks can also be very handy when going wedding dress shopping! These can get you looking even more terrific without any lumps and bumps, so the dress will appear smoother and better fitting to your killer curves

Don’t know who to bring? We have the secrets to choosing your #bridetribe!

This can be one of the trickiest decisions for a bride! We wish that every loved one and bestie could join in on the hunt for your #ido dress, but let’s be honest, that’s A LOT of opinions! Sometimes the more opinions, the more overwhelming the process. We suggest bringing anywhere from 1-5 of your closest friends and/or family members, who put your happiness first!  

*Helpful Tip: Going smaller sometimes IS better… bringing a handful of your closest framily members (get it, friends + family) usually helps make the appointment run smoother. The people that mean the most to you are going to love what YOU love! Remember, this is your wedding dress! 

Don’t know where to start shopping?! Insert our fav, The Knot!

Once you figure out the general location of where you’re planning on shopping for a dress, it will surely help narrow down your options! Whether that’s in your sweet home town or you’re jet setting to NYC to find your gorgeous gown, you’ll need to do your research! Looking up different boutiques in the area will help you get an idea of where to start. Don’t skip out on reading reviews! These helpful bride experiences can give you a great deal of insight on the overall feel of each boutique! With so many appointment options, finding a boutique that caters to the experience you are hopeful to receive is key! Take a look (or let’s be honest...stalk) their website and social media platforms to get a feeling of who they are & what they love!

*Helpful Tip: Make sure to keep your budget in mind when determining where you are shopping! Trying on dresses that are out of your specific price point is very dangerous! Nothing is worse than falling in love with a gown you simply can’t afford.

Don’t know what to do IF you fall in love with a dress at your first appointment? Totally normal!

We applaud the ladies who fall in love with a gown on their first outing! This process should be fun & exciting, and if you happen to fall in L-O-V-E on your first visit, yay for things being stress-free! You truly are one of the lucky ones (trust us)! But we also understand that fomo (fear of missing out) is a real thing. Your bridal experience is exactly that, YOURS! If you fall in love with a pretty on your first outing & can’t seem to pull the trigger, it is perfectly fine to visit another shop or two to see if anything else compares! Just know that at a certain point, boutiques and gowns start blurring together, and things can get very confusing and stressful! It is about knowing yourself and understanding when you’ve seen enough options to feel confident you’re making the right choice, without getting overwhelmed!

*Helpful Tip: Go with your gut! Only YOU can honestly determine how you truly feel in a dress, so don’t second guess yourself! If you believe in your heart that you know a certain dress is going to be the one you walk down the aisle wearing, then shout it from the rooftops! Own that gorgeous gown and feel the stress melt off your shoulders! Now you can check that off the list and pop some bubbly! 


Hopefully this little bit of advice gets you excited & ready to start shopping for your dream dress!

Can't wait to see you in one of our boutiques :) 

Cheers! Chelsea 

Photography Credit: Victoria Isabel Photography

Only the prettiest of things...

We may be biased, but we think that we work in one of the prettiest places! I mean, surrounded by gorgeous dresses, stunning chandeliers, & all the love- how could we not?! Since we love all things bridal, we teamed up with the sweetest group of vendors to bring you one stunning photo shoot! Let's start with a shout out to all of these lovely people...

Photography guru: Whitney with Native Iris Photography

Coordination guru: Heidi with 44th and Luxe Events 

Venue: The Frock

Venue stylist gurus: Emma and Amber with Queen City Vignette

Graphic Design and Calligraphy guru: China with Olive Paper Co. 

Floral guru: Brittany with Home Grown Florals 

Cocktail guru: Watershed Distillery

Champagne flute guru: Maggie Mischenko

Bridal gown guru: US! 

Suit guru: Jason with Geno's Tux Plus

Makeup guru: Lindsay with Makeup by Lindsay

Custom Jewelry guru: Brittany with Gem Steady

NOW LET'S GET TO IT! Here is a sneak peek into a wonderful day with wonderful people!

Loving all these gorgeous shots? Check out our website for more styled shoot inspo! 


We know what you're thinking- "oh man, LUXE must have gotten new dresses, they are probably so gorgeous, they always post the best things...". Welp, YOU'RE TOTALLY RIGHT! April has brought showers and all the pretty little dresses our hearts could desire, and we are so excited to share them with YOU! 

All you have to do is click to see all the info on your favorites! 

Have you checked us out on Instagram lately? If not, here you go! We promise we only post the prettiest of things, and we even keep you updated on the latest in our boutiques! It's basically like an all-access, VIP experience to an all-things-pretty party! 



Welcome back, all you lovely little readers!

For us here at LUXEredux, March Madness means NEW DRESSES! And madness it sure has been! However, that madness has been nothing short of an overload of sparkly, shiny, lovely gowns! And we are here to present them to you!

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram to get daily updates and never feel left out of the all-things-pretty party again! So let's get down to business! These are the newest additions that just arrived in our sweet little boutiques, if you are curious if one is near you, just give us a call at 513.550.3531 and we will be more than happy to let you know! 

As always, just click to shop


There are obvious things that can make any day just a little happier. For, sunshine, Oops, did we say pizza twice?! (;

There is one thing that we may love almost as much as pizza, and that is getting NEW DRESSES! 

We understand that it may be tricky trying to stay in the loop of all the dreamy new gowns coming in, but don't worry! Follow us on Instagram to get daily updates and never feel left out of the all-things-pretty party again!  

So let's get down to business! These are the newest additions that just arrived in our sweet little boutiques, if you are curious if one is near you, just give us a call at 513.550.3531 and we will be more than happy to let you know! 

Don't forget, just click to shop

WTOO Reed , size 20.&nbsp;

WTOO Reed, size 20. 

WTOO Britt , size 20.&nbsp;   

WTOO Britt, size 20. 


WTOO Imara , size 22.   

WTOO Imara, size 22.


WTOO Naomi , size 22.

WTOO Naomi, size 22.

WTOO Pippin , size 22.&nbsp;

WTOO Pippin, size 22. 

Ti Adora 7603 , size 14.&nbsp;

Ti Adora 7603, size 14. 


Welcome back, lovers of all things pretty! February is here and within this month lies one of our favorite days- Valentine's day! I mean, how could we not be in L-O-V-E with the day of L-O-V-E!? 

We thought we would celebrate by showing off all of our favorite shades of pinks hanging pretty in our boutiques! No judgement if you're munching on heart candies (; 

Now let's get to shopping! 

If you are drooling over these beauties and want to see even more, visit our website

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That's right, brides-to-be, it's sample sale time! 

What is a sample sale? Oh, nothing too important, just an opportunity to find a gorgeous designer gown at a jaw-dropping, head-spinning, too-good-to-be-true, blowout price!! 

Excuse our excitement, we just cannot wait to see who says YES to the prettiest dress for the prettiest price! A few helpful tips though: we recommend having an idea of what you love when you arrive, be prepared to try on only your favorite picks! Also, we love our #bridetribes of course, but this may be a good day to only bring those who's opinions mean the most! We hope to see you there and see what stunner is the ONE! 

Just in case we missed any information...


PSA: If Swarovski crystals, lace, tulle, and intricate detail make you faint of heart, then this blog post is not for you! 

This month is all about the holidays but here at LUXE, it is always about the DRESSES. We thought we would add a little more sparkle to your week by showing off all the lovely new arrivals hanging next to our shiny chandeliers! 


Blue Willow by Anne Barge, Ivy.

Augusta Jones, Stephanie.

Hayley Paige, Sunshine. 

Jenny Packham, Eclipse. 

Jenny Yoo, Claudine. 

Leanne Belter, Eloise. 

Paloma Blanca, 4601. 

Tara Keely 2210. 

Watters, Kai. 

Tara Keely, 2400. 

WTOO by Watters, Aveline. 

Tara Keely, 2601. 

Willowby by Watters, Cora. 

WTOO by Watters, Basha. 

Paloma Blanca, 4610. 

WTOO by Watters, Naomi. 

WTOO by Watters, Reed. 

All of these new beauties are scattered throughout our lovely little boutiques in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis. Call us to find out where your dream dress is! 



It's our favorite time of the year! And we aren't talking about Christmas time, we are talking about NEW DRESS TIME! Yep, here is your daily dose of pretty! 

WARNING: a whole lotta' gorgeous sleeves, stunning patterns, and jaw-dropping necklines ahead.




No secret here, LUXE loves all things weddings! And with weddings, there are photos! Today we wanted to treat you to some snap shots of a special photo shoot we recently participated in with the very talented Ellen Fleetwood. Not only will the stunning photos blow you away, but what makes it so very special is hearing Ellen's passion and the inspiration that brings about these beautiful shots! 

Here is a little snippet of what Ellen had to say: "This shoot was inspired by an idea of an almost effortless elegance. The groom sports no tie, the bride places flowers in her hair instead of jewels, and the ribbon-draped bouquet overflows with berries and eucalyptus. I wanted it to feel natural and sweet, but also gilded and timeless." (Cue the "aweeee"s) 

Oh but wait! You haven't even seen the photos yet! Dun dun dun...



Gorgeous, we know! 



It is officially the season of falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and SEPARATES! By separates, we mean bridal tops and skirts that are sold individually so you can customize your look to match exactly the kind of bride you want to be! Don't jump up just yet, we haven't even shown you these little pretties!

We will just get straight to all that sparkle and tulle...

This crystal beaded Carys top by Martina Liana is just the right amount of subtle sparkle and is easily paired with the skirt of your choice

Speaking of skirts, we have been non-stop-swooning over this Watters style 5089B that we have in both Ivory and Rum Pink.

Up next, this sweet and simple Cate top by Martina Liana is flawless and will likely be gorgeous no matter what bottom you choose! *Sweat pants approved* 

The level of adorable that is this Martina Liana Sachi Skirt is OFF. THE. CHARTS. 

Oh, Watters 9013B has completely stollen our hearts. But seriously, #buttongoals. 

Watters Carlton is the perfect addition to any fitted gown that just needs a little bit of a flare, not to mention, you get the feel of having TWO dresses. 

We thought we would wrap it up with a little "wow" factor. Cayla by Martina Liana might blind you with all that glitz and glam but we promise, it is SO worth it! 

Don't forget to visit for more details of all these new beauties! 







Welcome back, all you beautiful brides-to-be! We thought we would change things up a smidgen today and talk HAIR WRAPS! Trust us, you will not be disappointed (but keep in mind we will be back next week with our usual pretties)! Hair wraps are the absolute perfect accessory for any bridal look, so we wanted to show you not only how stunning they are, but also how they work!

Here at LUXE, we have two different styles of hair wraps available: The Josephine Wrap (featuring either all Swarovski Crystals or Swarovski/Opal) and The Amber Wrap. 

The Josephine Wrap, to make it short and sweet, is GLAMOROUS. This piece is guaranteed to sparkle and shine all over your big day! It is perfect for either spicing up a simple bridal stunner, or even pulling the look together by complimenting that already beaded beauty! But wait, there's more! We are going to walk you through step-by-step photos of exactly how these little pretties work! 

First off, simply select where you want the large hair clip to be placed. 

Next, simply wrap the Swarovski chain around the hair. Keep in mind, this can be wrapped along with any hair style, it is completely up to you! 

Lastly, once you have the wrap looking just how you want it, simply finish by bringing the smaller clip back over to meet the larger clip and form a gorgeous splash of sparkle! 

The Josephine Wrap photographed above features Opal beading, but don't forget, we have other options! The Amber Hair Wrap is the perfect minimal touch of sparkle for that bride that wants just a little something extra! Take a look! 

Now you just have to decide which one is perfect for walking you down your aisle! 


What's new on our rack of colorful pretties!

As you already know, our foster home of pretty little dresses has new sparkle coming in and out! You never know what a new week is going to bring you! While touching up our bridal floor in Cinci today, we realized just how full our colorful rack is! Trust us when we say this corner of beauties will make any bride SWOON. Don't believe me? See for yourself... 


&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Still not completely convinced? That's OK, let's take a closer look at a few of these colorful cuties!   

                          Still not completely convinced? That's OK, let's take a closer look at a few of these colorful cuties!


Gown:  Theia   890061

Indianapolis, We're Here!

Yay! The word is out & the doors are officially open! Our company has decided to expand once again to allow a new group of #futuremrs the opportunity to say Y-E-S at LUXEredux Bridal. We are so thrilled to announce that Indianapolis is our new home & the third location in our little LUXE family! 

Our lovely Indy location houses gowns from designers such as Hayley Paige, Lazaro, Lea-Ann Belter, Mikaella, Jim HjelmTara KeelyWatters, & more! As always, each dreamy gown is available to purchase off the rack at an almost-too-good-to-be-true price!

Our storefront is located at 1101 E. 54th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46220. Please ring us at 317.384.1034 to schedule a personal bridal appointment with one of our wonderful stylists (caution: there may or may not be cupcakes involved)!

Prepare your Pinterest boards, grab your #bridetribe, & get ready to clink your glasses with a bit of bubbly! We cannot wait to help you find THE dress!


LUXEredux Bridal


We missed you, brides! Don't worry, though, we are back and ready to talk BOHO! 

I'm sure somewhere in your wedding-planning fun the word Boho has popped up a time or two, and we just want to show off some of our favorite styles! We are loving this trend and of course we love our brides so let's get down to the nitty pretty (get it?)! 


Some designers to take a little peek at are Ivy and Aster, Watters Willowby, Nicole Miller, Jenny Packham, and Claire Pettibone. Trust us, there's more but we would be here all day long if we had to list every designer we are in L-O-V-E with! 

If you are a boho bride then pop on into one of our adorable little boutiques to see if we have that perfect dress for you to say YES to!