Welcome back, all you beautiful brides-to-be! We thought we would change things up a smidgen today and talk HAIR WRAPS! Trust us, you will not be disappointed (but keep in mind we will be back next week with our usual pretties)! Hair wraps are the absolute perfect accessory for any bridal look, so we wanted to show you not only how stunning they are, but also how they work!

Here at LUXE, we have two different styles of hair wraps available: The Josephine Wrap (featuring either all Swarovski Crystals or Swarovski/Opal) and The Amber Wrap. 

The Josephine Wrap, to make it short and sweet, is GLAMOROUS. This piece is guaranteed to sparkle and shine all over your big day! It is perfect for either spicing up a simple bridal stunner, or even pulling the look together by complimenting that already beaded beauty! But wait, there's more! We are going to walk you through step-by-step photos of exactly how these little pretties work! 

First off, simply select where you want the large hair clip to be placed. 

Next, simply wrap the Swarovski chain around the hair. Keep in mind, this can be wrapped along with any hair style, it is completely up to you! 

Lastly, once you have the wrap looking just how you want it, simply finish by bringing the smaller clip back over to meet the larger clip and form a gorgeous splash of sparkle! 

The Josephine Wrap photographed above features Opal beading, but don't forget, we have other options! The Amber Hair Wrap is the perfect minimal touch of sparkle for that bride that wants just a little something extra! Take a look! 

Now you just have to decide which one is perfect for walking you down your aisle!