No secret here, LUXE loves all things weddings! And with weddings, there are photos! Today we wanted to treat you to some snap shots of a special photo shoot we recently participated in with the very talented Ellen Fleetwood. Not only will the stunning photos blow you away, but what makes it so very special is hearing Ellen's passion and the inspiration that brings about these beautiful shots! 

Here is a little snippet of what Ellen had to say: "This shoot was inspired by an idea of an almost effortless elegance. The groom sports no tie, the bride places flowers in her hair instead of jewels, and the ribbon-draped bouquet overflows with berries and eucalyptus. I wanted it to feel natural and sweet, but also gilded and timeless." (Cue the "aweeee"s) 

Oh but wait! You haven't even seen the photos yet! Dun dun dun...



Gorgeous, we know!