Ok, guys...I think we need to talk.


We are all about our brides finding their dream dress, but what about finding the perfect touch of sparkle to go with it?! Well, don't worry, because today we have got you covered (in Sara Gabriel perfection of course)! Even the most simplistic of brides can want a little something extra to pull together their flawless wedding look, and I'm pretty sure we have that little something! 

Today we want to show you some of our favorite pieces by the one and only Sara Gabriel. Whether you are looking for a small hint of sparkle or a full blown WOW headpiece, we will make sure you walk down that isle in head-to-toe perfection, while still staying true to the kind of bride you want to be! 

So, let's get started. First off, for the bride looking for something that makes a simple yet classic statement... meet Elisa and Celeste!

This Elisa comb is the perfect piece for any bride that wants to put a little spice in their up-do! It's just the right amount of crystal to make your already special day a little more special! And our Celeste duet is the perfect classic piece with its pearl details. Oh, and did I mention, it can also double as a belt! 

Up next, flowers, which we promise can be more than just center pieces! If you're a destination bride or if you just love the idea of a floral headpiece, then you have got to check out our Amber Hair wrap (pictured first)! And if that is just a little too glam for you, then our Kathleen hair clips will be the perfect touch, I guarantee it! 

And that brings me to those statement-making, jaw-dropping, fall-out-of-your-seat headpieces that we just love showing off! Now, don't get us wrong, any Sara Gabriel accessory is going to be flawless, simple or statement, but if you're a bride that is looking to wow the pants off of your guests, then you should definitely pay close attention! 

(We will take a moment to let you be in awe of the beauty below...)

Are you swooning yet? It's ok, so are we. These lovely pieces (in order top to bottom) are Hazel, Harlow, Freya, Josephine, and Violet. All the perfect addition to your already perfect gown! Seriously, they are even more stunning in person! So if you are looking for a little something to top off the dress of your dreams, LUXE is here to help! And if you have already fallen in love and can't wait to make one of these beauties yours, then pop on over to and snag it up before someone else does! 

Happy blogging, brides!