These days brides are not afraid to throw away tradition and get a dress with a little (or a lot) of COLOR! Whether it be something subtle and dainty like ivory over champagne or a bold and stunning jet black, brides have been getting more comfortable with going against the grain to walk down the aisle in a dress sure to wow their crowd! And let me add, we are not complaining! Luxe loves the idea of being a little sassy on your wedding day, because that's just what it is, YOUR wedding day! Now, don't get us wrong, we will forever love the classic look of an ivory gown, but sometimes that just isn't for everyone, and that's ok! So let's talk color... but not just any color... LUXE color. 

Between our locations in both Columbus and Cincinnati, we have a large variety of beautiful and colorful options for any bride looking to step out of the box. So let's go shopping! 

We will start somewhere gentle, like simple and light blush/champagne/cashmere gowns that will be sure to bring on a "WOW" but also don't stray too far from tradition. Sometimes having a layer of classic ivory lace over a darker color can not only give your lace a 3D effect, but also be a perfect combination of classic and modern!

Or maybe you just want to go straight for that stunning pale pink!