Spring is in full swing and we are so excited to ring in all those beautiful outdoor weddings! Lately, we have noticed that so many of our stunning brides are coming to us concerned about finding that perfect dress to fit their already perfect venue. Like always ladies, have no fear! As stylists, we completely understand that you may have already found that flawless outdoor spot where you want to say "i do"; and that spot needs an equally flawless gown that isn't too hot, isn't too itchy, and won't collect all of those leaves to come party on the dance floor with you! Although you may want to be "venue appropriate," that shouldn't mean that you have to settle, should it!? NO MA'AM! It is our job to ensure that you get down your isle in something that is first and foremost everything you ever imagined, and second, venue appropriate. So, today I'm going to just give you a few little tips to finding the perfect outdoor dress, then of course take you shopping to see that you don't have to give up your vision just because you don't think it will work with your location! 

Tip #1: Shape VS. Fabric

Many brides envision a full, princess, ball gown on their big day and shouldn't have to compromise just because they are having a back yard wedding in August! Keep in mind, fabric is important. You can keep the ball gown shape with a lighter, more breathable fabric, like organza or a soft tulle. 

Tip #2: Layers and layers and layers! 

Surprise! Wedding dresses often have A LOT going on that your guests don't even know about! For example, there are likely layers upon layers under that skirt of yours and those layers are doing everything in their power to make sure you do not feel any breeze! Pay attention when choosing your dress to exactly how many layers it has got going on under there.

Tip #2.5: Remember you can remove some of those layers! 

All that fabric under your dress is likely just lots and lots of crinoline that is there to fill out your dress, but it also assist in making you very, very warm. When it comes time for your alterations, your seamstress should have no problem snipping a layer or two out so your day is filled with happy tears and not sweaty ones! 

Tip #3: Sew your bra cups into your dress! 

By sewing bra cups into the bodice of your gown, you eliminate the stress of having to wear a bra but also don't have to compromise the support! In addition, it is one less thing on your mind that day, cause girl, you have got enough to worry about!

Tip #4: If you want lace, just do a thin lace!

There are hundreds of different types of lace, and this is again where fabric comes into play. Lace can be thick and it can also be thin and airy. Just pay close attention to the way it feels when you try it on, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a classic lace bridal gown for an outdoor wedding!

Tip #5: Be comfortable, but also be true to who you are! 

This one is pretty self-explanatory (:


Alright, now let's go shopping! Below are just a few examples of gowns that would make any outdoor bridal beauty swoon (and be comfortable) on their big day! 

Enjoy! XOXO