1st time jitters?


Don’t have a specific style in mind? Not a problem!

Many #futuremrs aren’t 100% confident in the style, shape, & pretty details they want for THE dress when the search for their aisle-ready gown begins! But really, how could you? It is impossible for a bride-to-be to know if a dreamy, tulle ball gown will be the one to make them swoon, or if a lace fit n’ flare will bring all the happy tears to their eyes! Doing a little research and finding a bit of dress-inspo (helloooo Pinterest!) can help steer you in the right direction when beginning your bridal appointments!

 *Helpful Tip: Be sure to come into your first appointment with an open and honest mind! First, get a feel of a few different silhouettes in order to get a better understanding of what you like and what looks good on your body type. Once this is determined, let the fun details begin (lace, sparkle, tulle, horsehair - - or all of the above, #yougogirl)! 

Don’t know what undergarments to wear? No worries, we have the answers!

This is something that you may not think too much about when starting your dress shopping, but it’s important! Most gowns fit the best without a bra, but being comfortable during your appointment is incredibly important! Therefore, if you are more comfortable wearing a bra, we suggest that it’s strapless! The straps on a typical bra are a bit distracting when trying on your pretties & tend to get in the way. Keep in mind that if seeing low back details are important to you, going without a bra may be your jam! Of course, undies are a necessity for your bridal appointment, so make sure you wear a pair that you are comfortable with a consultant seeing!

*Helpful Tip: Wearing some type of spanks can also be very handy when going wedding dress shopping! These can get you looking even more terrific without any lumps and bumps, so the dress will appear smoother and better fitting to your killer curves

Don’t know who to bring? We have the secrets to choosing your #bridetribe!

This can be one of the trickiest decisions for a bride! We wish that every loved one and bestie could join in on the hunt for your #ido dress, but let’s be honest, that’s A LOT of opinions! Sometimes the more opinions, the more overwhelming the process. We suggest bringing anywhere from 1-5 of your closest friends and/or family members, who put your happiness first!  

*Helpful Tip: Going smaller sometimes IS better… bringing a handful of your closest framily members (get it, friends + family) usually helps make the appointment run smoother. The people that mean the most to you are going to love what YOU love! Remember, this is your wedding dress! 

Don’t know where to start shopping?! Insert our fav, The Knot!

Once you figure out the general location of where you’re planning on shopping for a dress, it will surely help narrow down your options! Whether that’s in your sweet home town or you’re jet setting to NYC to find your gorgeous gown, you’ll need to do your research! Looking up different boutiques in the area will help you get an idea of where to start. Don’t skip out on reading reviews! These helpful bride experiences can give you a great deal of insight on the overall feel of each boutique! With so many appointment options, finding a boutique that caters to the experience you are hopeful to receive is key! Take a look (or let’s be honest...stalk) their website and social media platforms to get a feeling of who they are & what they love!

*Helpful Tip: Make sure to keep your budget in mind when determining where you are shopping! Trying on dresses that are out of your specific price point is very dangerous! Nothing is worse than falling in love with a gown you simply can’t afford.

Don’t know what to do IF you fall in love with a dress at your first appointment? Totally normal!

We applaud the ladies who fall in love with a gown on their first outing! This process should be fun & exciting, and if you happen to fall in L-O-V-E on your first visit, yay for things being stress-free! You truly are one of the lucky ones (trust us)! But we also understand that fomo (fear of missing out) is a real thing. Your bridal experience is exactly that, YOURS! If you fall in love with a pretty on your first outing & can’t seem to pull the trigger, it is perfectly fine to visit another shop or two to see if anything else compares! Just know that at a certain point, boutiques and gowns start blurring together, and things can get very confusing and stressful! It is about knowing yourself and understanding when you’ve seen enough options to feel confident you’re making the right choice, without getting overwhelmed!

*Helpful Tip: Go with your gut! Only YOU can honestly determine how you truly feel in a dress, so don’t second guess yourself! If you believe in your heart that you know a certain dress is going to be the one you walk down the aisle wearing, then shout it from the rooftops! Own that gorgeous gown and feel the stress melt off your shoulders! Now you can check that off the list and pop some bubbly! 


Hopefully this little bit of advice gets you excited & ready to start shopping for your dream dress!

Can't wait to see you in one of our boutiques :) 

Cheers! Chelsea 

Photography Credit: Victoria Isabel Photography