There are obvious things that can make any day just a little happier. For example...pizza, sunshine, macaroons...pizza. Oops, did we say pizza twice?! (;

There is one thing that we may love almost as much as pizza, and that is getting NEW DRESSES! 

We understand that it may be tricky trying to stay in the loop of all the dreamy new gowns coming in, but don't worry! Follow us on Instagram to get daily updates and never feel left out of the all-things-pretty party again!  

So let's get down to business! These are the newest additions that just arrived in our sweet little boutiques, if you are curious if one is near you, just give us a call at 513.550.3531 and we will be more than happy to let you know! 

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WTOO Reed , size 20. 

WTOO Reed, size 20. 

WTOO Britt , size 20.    

WTOO Britt, size 20. 


WTOO Imara , size 22.   

WTOO Imara, size 22.


WTOO Naomi , size 22.

WTOO Naomi, size 22.

WTOO Pippin , size 22. 

WTOO Pippin, size 22. 

Ti Adora 7603 , size 14. 

Ti Adora 7603, size 14.