Morgan's Must-Haves: LACE!

Let's face it, no matter what the season is and no matter what the venue is, lace is always in style. Brides are always looking for that perfect lace detail in their gown to ensure that their dress is timeless and forever a favorite. So instead of talk, let's shop! 

Here is a little peek at some of the newest lace lovelies our cute little boutiques have been prettied up with...


Spring is in full swing and we are so excited to ring in all those beautiful outdoor weddings! Lately, we have noticed that so many of our stunning brides are coming to us concerned about finding that perfect dress to fit their already perfect venue. Like always ladies, have no fear! As stylists, we completely understand that you may have already found that flawless outdoor spot where you want to say "i do"; and that spot needs an equally flawless gown that isn't too hot, isn't too itchy, and won't collect all of those leaves to come party on the dance floor with you! Although you may want to be "venue appropriate," that shouldn't mean that you have to settle, should it!? NO MA'AM! It is our job to ensure that you get down your isle in something that is first and foremost everything you ever imagined, and second, venue appropriate. So, today I'm going to just give you a few little tips to finding the perfect outdoor dress, then of course take you shopping to see that you don't have to give up your vision just because you don't think it will work with your location! 

Tip #1: Shape VS. Fabric

Many brides envision a full, princess, ball gown on their big day and shouldn't have to compromise just because they are having a back yard wedding in August! Keep in mind, fabric is important. You can keep the ball gown shape with a lighter, more breathable fabric, like organza or a soft tulle. 

Tip #2: Layers and layers and layers! 

Surprise! Wedding dresses often have A LOT going on that your guests don't even know about! For example, there are likely layers upon layers under that skirt of yours and those layers are doing everything in their power to make sure you do not feel any breeze! Pay attention when choosing your dress to exactly how many layers it has got going on under there.

Tip #2.5: Remember you can remove some of those layers! 

All that fabric under your dress is likely just lots and lots of crinoline that is there to fill out your dress, but it also assist in making you very, very warm. When it comes time for your alterations, your seamstress should have no problem snipping a layer or two out so your day is filled with happy tears and not sweaty ones! 

Tip #3: Sew your bra cups into your dress! 

By sewing bra cups into the bodice of your gown, you eliminate the stress of having to wear a bra but also don't have to compromise the support! In addition, it is one less thing on your mind that day, cause girl, you have got enough to worry about!

Tip #4: If you want lace, just do a thin lace!

There are hundreds of different types of lace, and this is again where fabric comes into play. Lace can be thick and it can also be thin and airy. Just pay close attention to the way it feels when you try it on, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a classic lace bridal gown for an outdoor wedding!

Tip #5: Be comfortable, but also be true to who you are! 

This one is pretty self-explanatory (:


Alright, now let's go shopping! Below are just a few examples of gowns that would make any outdoor bridal beauty swoon (and be comfortable) on their big day! 

Enjoy! XOXO 


April showers bring...more dresses?!

That's right, LUXE is being showered with sparkle and lace this month and we are absolutely loving every minute of it! Every time we turn around it seems like we have a new batch of pretty to look upon with wonder and gaze! So, basically, what I am trying to get at is that WE HAVE MORE NEW ARRIVALS! 

I won't keep you too long, let's shop! 

Starting with our newest Hayley Paige additions, in order, here are Carrie, Cosmos, Daffodil, Bianca, Lotus, Maisie, River, and Sunshine... Those beauties are then followed by Mikaella 1706 and WTOO Jemma. 

Good luck deciding which gown is most swoon-worthy! (hint: we've already tried and it isn't appearing to be possible)






Morgan's Must-Haves: New Arrivals!

Who doesn't love getting a beautiful new batch of bridal gowns?! Well, we know we do, and we hope you do too! So today is all about a special sneak peek into what is to come at your favorite little bridal boutique! (that's us). 

Prepare yourselves, because you are about to see a whole lotta' pretty...

Don't worry, we will keep you updated just as soon as these little beauties arrive! 



Ok, guys...I think we need to talk.


We are all about our brides finding their dream dress, but what about finding the perfect touch of sparkle to go with it?! Well, don't worry, because today we have got you covered (in Sara Gabriel perfection of course)! Even the most simplistic of brides can want a little something extra to pull together their flawless wedding look, and I'm pretty sure we have that little something! 

Today we want to show you some of our favorite pieces by the one and only Sara Gabriel. Whether you are looking for a small hint of sparkle or a full blown WOW headpiece, we will make sure you walk down that isle in head-to-toe perfection, while still staying true to the kind of bride you want to be! 

So, let's get started. First off, for the bride looking for something that makes a simple yet classic statement... meet Elisa and Celeste!

This Elisa comb is the perfect piece for any bride that wants to put a little spice in their up-do! It's just the right amount of crystal to make your already special day a little more special! And our Celeste duet is the perfect classic piece with its pearl details. Oh, and did I mention, it can also double as a belt! 

Up next, flowers, which we promise can be more than just center pieces! If you're a destination bride or if you just love the idea of a floral headpiece, then you have got to check out our Amber Hair wrap (pictured first)! And if that is just a little too glam for you, then our Kathleen hair clips will be the perfect touch, I guarantee it! 

And that brings me to those statement-making, jaw-dropping, fall-out-of-your-seat headpieces that we just love showing off! Now, don't get us wrong, any Sara Gabriel accessory is going to be flawless, simple or statement, but if you're a bride that is looking to wow the pants off of your guests, then you should definitely pay close attention! 

(We will take a moment to let you be in awe of the beauty below...)

Are you swooning yet? It's ok, so are we. These lovely pieces (in order top to bottom) are Hazel, Harlow, Freya, Josephine, and Violet. All the perfect addition to your already perfect gown! Seriously, they are even more stunning in person! So if you are looking for a little something to top off the dress of your dreams, LUXE is here to help! And if you have already fallen in love and can't wait to make one of these beauties yours, then pop on over to and snag it up before someone else does! 

Happy blogging, brides! 





Happy Thursday to all you blushing bloggers out there! In honor of this rainy Ohio day, I thought I would shine some light on all of you with a little "Throw Back": bridal edition! So, today we are going to reminisce back to the wedding days of some of our favorite celebrities! 

Prepare to feel overwhelming nostalgia, ladies and gentleman, cause here we go! 

I think we should start with the one and only Audrey Hepburn because, well, IT'S AUDREY HEPBURN. This photos takes us back to 1954 when Audrey said "I do" in a flawless Balmain high-neckline gown... (cue sighs of pure admiration and hints of jealousy).

Up next, one of my personal favorites, Keira Knightley. If this short recycled Chanel gown isn't the epitome of adorable (and cool and chic and fun and so on and so forth) then I don't know what is! Did you hear me when I mentioned that it was recycled!? Yes, meaning she basically just grabbed this little beauty from her closet and ran out to marry the love of her life as if it was just a normal day. Then as if it weren't already perfection she topped it off with a stunning textured Karl Lagerfeld jacket. Ugh, Keira, we are not worthy. 


Alright, now we move on to the ever-so-flawless Lauren Conrad. Not to anyone's surprise, Lauren was a classic ray of lace and sunshine on her big day. She first wow'd her guests in a high-neckline lace Badgley Mischka but as if that wasn't enough, returned to her reception in a gorgeously simple and strapless lace Monique Lhuillier! 

Thus, the dress that surprised us all! I'm sure I'm not the only one that was shocked to see Jessa Duggar select a stunningly modest blush ballgown by Allure Bridals, was I?! This gown was the perfect combination of class and sass and WE LOVED IT! You go, girl! 

And now, ladies and gentleman, Chrissy Teigen. Who blew us all away by not one... not two... but THREE custom Vera Wang gowns. Each gown more flawless than the last, she spent her wedding day draped head-to-toe in perfect looks (all based off of original Vera styles) that ensured a jaw-drop or two (..or three). 

How do I even begin to talk about the incredible custom Versace gown worn by the one and only Angelina Jolie?! Although this gown was classically perfect on its own, the real head-turner here is that veil! Angelina wore a veil that was top to bottom embroidered in drawings done by her little ones. Let's take a minute for everyone to let out their aweeeee's. 

Hold your breath, because Ashley Tisdale just walked into our blog wearing the most perfect Monique Lhuillier ball gown. There aren't even words for this timeless and elegant look... other than WOW. 

Drum roll for our big finale... 

KATE MIDDLETON! I mean... we all might as well just step back while the Duchess of Cambridge literally gets the world to stop what they are doing, turn on their TV's, and swoon over her Sarah Burton bridal gown. As if she isn't stunning enough, Kate's lace sleeved (slightly risky V-neck) ball gown was effortless, classic, and dare we say it- ROYAL. 



Happy February, readers! At Luxe, we get a lot of brides who are planning their nuptials somewhere warm, sunny and often right next to the crashing waves (excuse us while we day dream in jealousy from this chilly crisp Ohio day). Today we are going to talk about destination bridal gowns! However, you may be surprised at what we have to say. Often, brides have an idea that when you are getting married beach side, it is a must to wear a simple, flowing, chiffon gown. Although this look is absolutely stunning, we are here to open your eyes to a few other options that may surprise you! 

First off, LACE! Ladies, if you have always imagined your wedding day in the classic look of lace, but are convinced that it isn't "appropriate" for the beach, have no fear, Luxe is here! If you want lace then you deserve to wear lace! Here are a few lacey styles that may just be the perfect combination of classic and beachy... 

Now, on to my personal fav, dun dun dun dunnnn THE BALLGOWN! Ballgown shapes are often thought of as heavy, but this isn't always the case! Keep in mind, it isn't the shape of your dress that weighs it down, it's the fabric! Sticking to fabric like organza or soft tulle will leave you feeling light, airy, and like a total princess! 

Of course, we have also got you covered if you are looking to sparkle even brighter than that beautiful blue water, which is exactly what this Martina Liana stunner is sure to do! 

Now if you're a beach bride who is looking for that classic light chiffon flow, don't worry, we didn't forget about you! Here's just a few of our favorite traditional destination looks... 

Just keep in mind that we are here to help you be YOU on your wedding day! XOXO
— Luxe


Calling all brides, this is not a drill! I repeat, THIS IS NOT A DRILL! If you thought that Luxe had amazing designer gowns at amazing prices, then brace yourself, because IT. JUST. GOT. BETTER. Are you just dying to hear more? Good, because I am about to let you in on our worst (hehe) kept secret...our blowout sample sale! On Sunday, January 31st, a large portion of our already marked down designer gowns will be marked down even further for one day only. The sample sale will be located at 689 High St. in Worthington, Columbus from 12pm-4pm. But for those special blogging brides, a little sneak peak of the upcoming gowns and sale prices that will be available!

  1. Tara Keely Style: 2412 Original Price: $2,860.00 Sale Price: $1,200.00
  2. Wtoo Style: Jasmine Original Price: $1,485.00 Sale Price: $900.00
  3. Tara Keely Style: 2257 Original Price: $2,200.00 Sale Price: $1,395.00
  4. Vera Wang Style: Pippa Original Price: $6,990.00 Sale Price: $3,000.00
  5. Jenny Packham Style: Lilya Original Price: $4,720.00 Sale Price: $2,990.00
  6. Tara Keely Style: 2250 Original Price: $1,980.00 Sale Price: $1,100.00
  7. Hayley Paige Style: Fiona Original Price: $1,980.00 Sale Price: $999.00
  8. Christos Style: Adele Original Price: $4,000.00 Sale Price: $2,100.00
  9. Judd Waddell Style: Titania Original Price: $4,750.00 Sale Price: $2,000.00


These days brides are not afraid to throw away tradition and get a dress with a little (or a lot) of COLOR! Whether it be something subtle and dainty like ivory over champagne or a bold and stunning jet black, brides have been getting more comfortable with going against the grain to walk down the aisle in a dress sure to wow their crowd! And let me add, we are not complaining! Luxe loves the idea of being a little sassy on your wedding day, because that's just what it is, YOUR wedding day! Now, don't get us wrong, we will forever love the classic look of an ivory gown, but sometimes that just isn't for everyone, and that's ok! So let's talk color... but not just any color... LUXE color. 

Between our locations in both Columbus and Cincinnati, we have a large variety of beautiful and colorful options for any bride looking to step out of the box. So let's go shopping! 

We will start somewhere gentle, like simple and light blush/champagne/cashmere gowns that will be sure to bring on a "WOW" but also don't stray too far from tradition. Sometimes having a layer of classic ivory lace over a darker color can not only give your lace a 3D effect, but also be a perfect combination of classic and modern!

Or maybe you just want to go straight for that stunning pale pink!