Question: Do I need to schedule an appointment?

Answer: We do suggest scheduling appointments. Our appointments do take precedence; however, if we do not have appointments scheduled, our locations absolutely welcome & LOVE walk-ins! 


Question: Have the dresses in our boutiques been previously worn?

Answer: No way!  In fact, most of our gowns have not been worn down the aisle.  

The majority of gowns at LUXEredux Bridal are sample gowns from high-end boutiques all around the country! Most of these dresses have simply been tried-on during bridal appointments in upscale boutiques.  Not only are we specific on which designer gowns we have in our boutiques and online, but we are also quite picky on where they come from!  We are confident in saying that these beauties have come from very loving homes (surrounded by happy brides, educated stylists, and of course celebratory champagne)!

Some gowns come to us brand new, with tags! These gowns receive a pretty fancy discount for no other reason than the fact that we L-O-V-E a savvy bride!

And lastly, we have the gowns that have taken their first walk down the aisle, but with the craftsmanship and longevity of such a well made dress, it will certainly stand the test of time to be loved more than once! Take Remmington by Hayley Paige for example. She is as pretty as they come & in wonderful condition!  Do you really think Aunt Jane is going to know someone else wore that pretty little thing down the aisle? No way! You will be the only bride she can ever imagine seeing in THAT dress! Originally $3999.00, she is now only $2999.00!


Question: What type of condition are sample gowns in?

Answer: We take great pride in our inventory! The gowns in our boutiques must have been produced by its designer within the last five years, and therefore, are still on trend! In order for a dress to be hand picked for one of our stores, the sparkly beadwork, intricate lace, and sheen fabrics must be in pristine condition! If by any chance any of our gowns need a small repair, have no fear! We are ALL about full disclosure and love showing you ways to fix the tiny imperfections when they appear.  A few simple tweaks from a seamstress will make your gown aisle-ready! 


Question: What sizes do you carry? What if I am not a sample size?

Answer: The majority of our gowns are between sizes 8 - 16 (which in street size is typically a size 4 - 14). Our Cincinnati and Indianapolis locations do carry a handful of gowns within sizes 18 - 22. 

Have no fear if you are not a sample size! Our best advice: know that alterations are an INCREDIBLE thing! If a gown is too large on you, you can typically alter it down 2-3 sizes without changing the look/construction of the dress.  All of our stylists are highly trained in understanding what can be altered & how much can be taken in.  

If a gown is a bit too small, keep in mind there is typically an inch on either side that you may let out.  Two inches is much more room than you think when letting out a gown. Trust us, we will not let you fall in love with a gown that simply won't work for you! 

Please keep in mind that whether you order a brand new dress or fall head over heels for a designer sample gown, you will need alterations regardless. Wedding gowns are not meant to fit you perfectly, that is until a seamstress comes into the picture. The cost of alterations is based on the amount of layers within your dress, as well as the fabric, not by how much you take in/let out. We are happy to help you find a seamstress that we feel confident will make your gown fit perfectly for the big day!


Question: What is your price range?

Answer: Our gowns range anywhere from $500.00 to $5000.00. However, the majority of our gowns range from $1000.00 - $3000.00!


Question: Are all of the gowns on your website what you currently have in store?

Answer: Yes! Our inventory specialist prides herself on keeping our website up-to-date (with a little wiggle room of 24 hours based on traffic). Please keep in mind that the dresses are amongst all four locations: Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, & Pittsburgh.  If you see a few gowns that you deem swoon-worthy and simply have to try on, please call or email us to let us know 1 week prior to your appointment to confirm which location they are currently hanging pretty! 

If the gown(s) are not in the location you have scheduled an appointment at, don't worry! You can choose to ship any gown from another boutique to try on during your appointment. There is a $50.00 fee per gown to cover the cost of shipping. 


Question: Does the experience at a sample gown boutique differ from the experience at a boutique in which you order a brand new dress?

Answer: Absolutely not!  This was first and foremost our owners #1 priority when starting LUXEredux.  Creating a magical, bridal experience is our promise to you (the dreamy dresses are just the icing on the cake)! We believe in personal & intimate bridal appointments because this is your special day! During your appointment, you work one-on-one with one of our trained and knowledgable bridal stylist who genuinely cares about finding THE dress for you! So, prepare for questions about your wedding details because we absolutely LOVE the sappy stuff! :)