Are you a boutique looking to consign your bridal samples?

LUXEredux Bridal is for you!

LUXEredux Bridal is a designer consignment bridal boutique offering boutique samples or once loved bridal attire for ladies with LUXE taste with a not so designer budget.  If you are interested in making some money for well cared for boutique samples, we would love to speak with you further!

LUXEredux has partnered with over 50 boutiques nationwide since 2011 in order to move inventory and provide cash for samples that take up space and don't sell. If you haven’t tried something as an alternative to your own sample sale yet, you are probably a bit apprehensive about this process.  Please do not hesitate to ring us so we may talk you through the easy process of consigning with us.  Our concept is growing and we are doing so slowly, methodically and responsibly because our mission isn't only to our brides, it's to the people who provide our boutique with the gowns that make them happy and that is YOU!

We are dipping our toes into complete buy outs but our expertise is in consigning and pricing above the national average of other consignment boutiques to get you more money for your samples.  If you are only interested in a buy out and cash up front, please contact us so we can talk details!

When you consistently receive a check every month for over $2000, how can you NOT continue sending samples to LUXEredux!?
— Bridal Boutique, Texas
We took a chance with consigning over another store paying us cash up front because the payout was more. It was a gamble and we waited a bit longer but in the end, we definitely make more money consigning.
— Bridal Boutique, Ohio
LUXEredux has been a saving grace for our store! We are able to quickly make room for our new stock and being that our dresses are selling so quickly, we have cash to confidently purchase the new samples!”
— Bridal Boutique, California
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