Are you a Bride looking to ReSELL your new or once-wed bridal gown?

LUXEredux Bridal is a designer bridal consignment boutique offering boutique samples or once loved bridal attire for ladies with LUXE taste.  If you are interested in recouping some money for your previously purchased gown, we would love to speak with you further! 

We are particular on accepting only top name designers in the industry knowing that the craftsmanship and longevity of a well made gown will certainly stand the test of time for it to be loved more than once!  It's to both of our benefit that the gown does well and sells quickly so please trust our professional opinion. 

Please note that we do not BUY dresses but rather we consign them and when your gown is purchased by a bride that will love it as much as you did, you will earn the money on that gown!

Our mission at LUXEredux is to provide the ultimate designer gown shopping experience to our brides, even on a budget.  No ones experience should be compromised!  We like to offer the same to our consignors and trust that we want your gown to sell quickly and make another bride swoon!  Please take our professional opinion on accepting your once loved or once worn bridal gown as savvy advice on what's best for you and our inventory needs.  We are always here to offer other suggestions if your gown isn't a fit for our boutique. 

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